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Space Acquisition Rapid Deployment Training

Updated 9/15/2020

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Space Acquisition Rapid Deployment Training
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Space Systems have unique considerations.  DAU's Space Acquisition Rapid Deployment Training (RDT) available at the link provided give some options for addressing that uniqueness.  For example, DoDI 5000.85 provides a model to be considered for space system acquisition on page 17: "(b) High-Cost First Article Combined Milestone B and C Decisions.  Some programs such as spacecraft and ships will not produce prototypes during EMD for use solely as test articles because of the high cost of each article.   In that case, the first article produced will be tested and evaluated, and then fielded as an operational asset.  The acquisition approach for these programs can be tailored by measures such as combining development and initial production investment commitments and a combined Milestone B and C.  Additional decision points with appropriate criteria may be established for subsequent production commitments.."

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