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Steps to Performance Based Acquisition

Updated 10/26/2018

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Steps to Performance Based Acquisition
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The following website provided by GSA's Acquisition Gateway may be used to aid in developing a performance-based solicitation, contract or task order, and to assist in determining whether an existing solicitation, contract or task order may be appropriately classified as a performance-based acquisition (PBA).   The site includes a description of the eight steps and links to resources to help the team with their acquisition. 

This website is not intended to usurp contracting officer discretion or authority regarding how to structure an acquisition. However, the more an acquisition departs from adherence to PBA best practices, the less likely the agency will achieve the benefits of improved contractor performance and lower price that PBA can provide. 

The DoD uses a 7-step services acquisition process that may be found in DoDI 5000.74, the Defense Acquisition Guidebook, chapter 10, Acquisition of Services and the Service Acquisition Mall.

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