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StrategicCorp Spares Optimization System (SOS)

Updated 6/5/2017

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StrategicCorp Spares Optimization System (SOS)
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According to their website, “the Spares Optimization System (SOS) has been delivering spectacular business improvements to thousands of industrial organizations across the world in virtually all process types since 1992. Helping Maintenance secure the right mix of spares and production to minimize downtime and finance to conserve valuable cash.

Now, the unique SOS methodology is available for world-wide use delivered in a Software as a Service format. YES a low cost Subscription model. This means that you can now utilize SOS through your Web browser without worrying about local information technology issues and at a price that will please everyone in your business.

SOS operates by uniquely applying a criticality assessment process to both the spare part itself and the parent equipment. This profile is combined with other details such as lead time, annual usage estimate and repair options to recommend an EOQ based optimal max/min holding level.

For expensive items (or capital/insurance spares), SOS provides a simple to use but powerful Cost/Risk module, in which the cost of stock out and the risk of failure is graphically compared to the holding cost of the item.

SOS is a methodology with elegant software at its core. Developed by Maintenance folks for the support of critical operations, it is complementary to your IT investments and ‘turbo-charges’ your reliability, MRO spares and your bottom line.

SOS has been made available via the SaaS subscription model to all process types and many smaller process firms, to participate in this proven and now very affordable cost saving expert system.  The software can now be utilized on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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