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Sword Active Risk Manager (ARM)

Updated 5/25/2021

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Sword Active Risk Manager (ARM)
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ARM (Active Risk Manager) is a widely deployed web based project / program / portfolio / enterprise risk management software. ARM enables identification, analysis, handling and monitoring of risks, opportunities and issues/incidents, both quantitatively and qualitatively.  ARM delivers visibility, securely, to all risk related information across the program /portfolio/ organization to ultimately improve program performance, optimize resources, and ensures a common, standardized, and integrated risk management process and culture are adopted quickly and effectively. ARM is easy-to-use, web-based with multiple user interfaces, promotes adoption and helps infuse a risk management-driven culture transforming risk management from a capability into a competitive advantage.

ARM integrates with many of the leading project management planning and requirements management applications, allows risk to be identified, assessed, managed and reported against any point on a work, requirements or organizational breakdown structure (WBS, RBS or OBS, respectively), includes a robust cost and schedule quantitative analysis engine, and allows for risk adjusted, and post mitigation, EAC’s to be reported.

ARM can help make your risk initiative more effective, highly demonstrable, and optimize resources so that more time is spent solving risk challenges versus beautifying risk charts.  The scalability, security, and accessibility of ARM are all factors that make it a leading enterprise risk management system within both Government Agencies and the Defense prime contractor community.

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For more information visit, or via email at [email protected].

Additional information about US Air Force use of Active Risk Manager (ARM) at 

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