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FIAR Video 1 Video 12017-09-18T16:00:00Z, Guidance V4.png<div class="ExternalClass54521F1F4AEF440F8123CCA375A22265">Ever wonder what Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) is all about? And, why is this important to the Department of Defense (DoD)? These are just a few of the questions that this series of informative videos on FIAR attempt to answer. Join us as we explore the DoD journey to audit readiness.<br> <br> The FIAR Methodology defines the key tasks, underlying detailed activities and resulting work products that all reporting entities should follow to become audit ready. The FIAR Methodology maximizes the potential for successful financial statement audits by considering the methods financial statement auditors use to assess financial statement accuracy in accordance with auditing standards. Please take a look at the link to see the first of four videos on FIAR. <a href=""></a></div>string;#/training/career-development/bfm/blog/FIAR-Video-1

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