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CCON 003 Proposal Analysis Credential is Deployed!!!! 003 Proposal Analysis Credential is Deployed!!!!2022-09-29T16:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass76D07661633B4084AEF83A3EFDB5ACCD">Contracting officers are required to purchase supplies and services from responsible sources at fair and reasonable prices. There are various proposal analysis techniques prescribed in the FAR to guide contracting professionals when conducting the analysis of a contractor’s proposal, including Price Analysis, Cost Analysis, Technical Analysis, Cost Realism Analysis, Unit Pricing, Unbalanced Pricing, and Excessive Pass-through. This credential will lead the learner through an examination of the techniques used to conduct price and cost analysis, and will provide an overview of the other techniques.<br> <br> This credential is recommended for all Defense Acquisition Workforce Members in the Contracting Functional Area following completion of the foundational learning courses, CON 1100V, CON 1200V, and CON 1300V. The credential is comprised of CON 7300V, Price Analysis; and CON 7310V, Cost Analysis. If you have already taken either CON 7300V or CON 7310V (or both), you will automatically get credit for the courses when you apply to CCON 003!<br> <br> To apply for this credential, go to <a href="">CCON 003 Proposal Analysis Credential (</a> or in sign into CSOD for CCON 003 at <a href=""></a>.</div>string;#/training/career-development/contracting/blog/CCON-003-Proposal-Analysis-
Contracting Expert Reading List Has Been Launched! Expert Reading List Has Been Launched!2022-09-27T16:00:00Z Landing Page.png, Landing Page.png Landing Page.png<div class="ExternalClass738A08FD394A46FA95A08EB18E34657F">Last year DAU published a <a href="/cop/contracting/DAU%20Sponsored%20Documents/DAU%20Contracting%20Career%20Field%20Recommended%20Reading%20List%2014SEP2022.pdf" target="_blank">Contracting Career Field Recommended Reading List</a>. This year we asked the question, " What are the experts reading?" We reached out to recognized experts in contracting/acquisition to answer that very question. The first list is from Mr. John M. Tenaglia, Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting. It is now available on <a href="/cop/contracting/Pages/Topics/Professional-Reading-List.aspx" target="_blank">Contracting's Recommended and Expert Readings List</a> site. Other lists from experts in DOD and Federal contracting and acquisition will follow as they become available. The Expert Reading List enables contracting professionals to expand their knowledge about contracting, acquisition, and related areas. This will in turn empower them to accomplish their contracting and acquisition missions more effectively and efficiently.</div>string;#/training/career-development/contracting/blog/Contracting-Expert-Reading-List-Has-Been-Launched!
All Things Small Business Podcasts visits with Ms. Wendi Peck and Dr. Bill Casey of Executive Leadership Group Inc Things Small Business Podcasts visits with Ms. Wendi Peck and Dr. Bill Casey of Executive Leadership Group Inc2022-09-23T12:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass3196FE1DDAD849FC845798A962C89805">Take a break and listen to the All Things Small Business podcast series. For <a href="">episode 26</a>, we visit with Ms. Wendi Peck and Dr. Bill Casey of Executive Leadership Group, Inc. (ELG) which is a woman-owned small business. ELG has been providing strategic advisory, leadership development, and targeted cultural assessment solutions to Federal, DoD, and commercial clients since 1981. Ms. Peck is the CEO and Dr. Casey is the President of ELG. Together, they discuss the importance of leadership within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and do a deep dive into the leadership article, “Success on Purpose”, that Ms. Peck co-authored with Colonel Russell Steven Williford, USAF that appeared in the 4<sup>th</sup> Quarter 2020 edition of Joint Force Quarterly.<br> <br> According to Ms. Peck and Dr. Casey, the genesis for the article was data that was collected during an assessment of revitalized USAF squadrons back in 2017 that was conducted for General David Goldfein, who was the Chief of Staff for the USAF. They served as senior advisors to the core team. One of the most prominent findings of the study was that the mission or purpose was not clear in squadrons with low morale or poor performance. The article was written to highlight the importance of having a clear and meaningful purpose. These themes are supported by a vast amount of literature that show that clarity and meaningfulness are two components of successful organizations. The article also addressed ways to connect people or teams to purpose; making the purpose personal to everyone, making the people believe that the purpose may be difficult, but achievable, and providing autonomy for individuals make some decisions. The article also talked about the leadership and purpose in active (operational) and standing (support) military organizations. Finally, they discussed how these principles directly applied to small businesses within the DIB and the defense acquisition community.<br> <br> To learn more, listen to the podcast and read the article.<br> <br> The article, “Success on Purpose”, is available at <a href=""></a>.<br> <br> To learn more about ELG visit their website at <a href=""></a>.<br> <br> You can listen to episode 26 at <a href=""></a> or by subscribing to the <a href="">All Things Small Business podcast series </a>via the Apple store.<br> <br> The All Things Small Business podcast series can also be found on the DAU Industry Support page at <a href="/industry-support/p/doing-business-with-the-department-of-defense"></a>. Just scroll down to the podcast section, click on the red “Listen Now” button, and select the podcast of your choice.<br> <br> You can also access the DAU Small Business Media Page at <a href=""></a> for more Small Business-related videos, webinars, and other DAU events that can apply to small businesses.<br> <br> Feel free to reach out to <a href=""></a> or <a href=""></a> if you want to participate as a future guest.<br></div>string;#/training/career-development/contracting/blog/All-Things-Small-Business-Podcasts-visits-with-Ms--Wendi-Peck-and-Dr--Bill-Casey-of-Executive-Leadership-Group-Inc
CON 7440 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Deployed!! 7440 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Deployed!!2022-09-22T12:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass3F79A11D3B1F464D8A1E46A093DD3542"><a href="">CON 7440 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis</a> has deployed!<br> <br> In this new Online Training (OLT) course, the learner is introduced to the relationship between Total Cost (fixed and variable cost) and Volume, then the relationship between Price and Volume. We will look at Volume, Revenue per Unit, Variable Cost per Unit, Fixed Costs, Profit, and the difference between rational and irrational pricing behaviors. We will also determine at what volume a product needs to be sold in order for a company to break even on their costs. Along the way we will introduce you to the terminology, the notation, and the graphical aspects of Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis. This is a great course for not only every 1102 but also others in the acquisition workforce that want to understand seller pricing strategies. <br> <br> CON 7440 will be one of the four courses required for the upcoming CCON 027, Quantitative Methods Application Credential. CCON 027 will also include CON 7430, Comparing Prices (coming soon); CON 7450, Analyzing Factored Costs (coming soon); and CON 7470, Inflation and Economic Price Adjustments (available). Be on the look out for this exciting new credential. If you take CON 7440 now you will get credit for it when you eventually apply to CCON 027 and won't have to take it again.<br> <br> For more information and to register, go to: <a href="">CON 7440 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis (</a>.<br></div>string;#/training/career-development/contracting/blog/CON-7440-Cost-Volume-Profit-Analysis-Deployed!!

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