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Performance Based Logistics (PBL) in the News Based Logistics (PBL) in the News2020-02-19T17:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClassB234DA63C5D0475AB9701557B789769F">The Navy recently announced the renewal of their H-60 Seahawk PBL contract with Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission System (LMRMS). According to the Navy’s February 15, 2020 announcement entitled “<a href="">Naval Supply Signs $2.3 Billion UH-60 Renewal</a> Contract”, “…the H-60 Seahawk PBL renewal is NAVSUP WSS’ fourth PBL contract with LMRMS since 2004, and runs from Feb. 2020 to Jan. 2027 (a five-year period of performance and an option to extend for two years). This contract will continue to provide value to the fleet and demonstrate the benefits of long-term contractual arrangements, allowing the government to roll out best practices into follow-on contracts.”<br> <br> The announcement goes on to add that “this PBL contract, based on Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 15 (Contracting by Negotiation), provides supply support for the M<em>H</em>-<em>60R/S</em> helicopter platform. It will cover almost a thousand individual items comprised of Weapon Replaceable Assemblies (WRAs) and Shop Replaceable Assemblies (SRAs) and includes the main rotor blade, main gearbox and the Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS)….The Seahawk PBL is organically sourced with three Fleet Readiness Centers: Southeast, East and Southwest, along with Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport and Tobyhanna Army Depot.”<br> <br> Astute members of the life cycle logistics community will note that the Navy’s H-60 Seahawk PBL Team from the Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon System Support (NAVSUP WSS) was also recently recognized as the <a href="/cop/pbl/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=/cop/pbl/DAU%20Sponsored%20Documents/USD%20AS%202019%20SecDef%20PBL%20Award%20Winners%20Announcement%20Memo%20(21%20Nov%2019).pdf&action=default">winner of the 2019 DoD System Level PBL Award</a>.</div>string;#/training/career-development/logistics/blog/Performance-Based-Logistics-PBL-in-the-News
Agile Software Lessons Learned Hot Topic Training Forum Software Lessons Learned Hot Topic Training Forum2020-02-19T17:00:00Z Images/DAU_Locations DSMC_20160104.jpg, Images/DAU_Locations DSMC_20160104.jpg Images/DAU_Locations DSMC_20160104.jpg<div class="ExternalClassE4722FA51A23480DAA4DE8943156EEF8">With software life cycle management becoming an increasingly integral aspect of our business, the topic of the upcoming March DAUAA Hot Topic Training Forum is particularly apropos. Entitled “<a href="">Lessons from the Trench - Delivering a Large Scale Agile Software Program</a>”, this no-cost training event will be held in Scott Hall (Bldg 226) at our DAU Fort Belvoir campus or online from 10:00-11:30 am EST on Wednesday March 18, 2020.<br> <br> Our speaker will be the Program Executive Officer (PEO) for the National Background Investigation Service (NBIS). As the PEO for NBIS, he is responsible for leading the effort to design, build, test, field, operate, maintain, and secure the federal-wide information technology (IT) service used to conduct suitability, security, and credentialing investigations for all federal civilians, military members, and government contractors. He was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in 2017. In the past, he has provided the acquisition oversight of multiple portfolios of joint programs that deliver integrated enterprise services and data systems for DISA business operations, global cloud computing services, and warfighting command and control services. For additional information and to register, please visit the <a href="">DAUAA Hot Topic Training Forum</a> website.</div>string;#/training/career-development/logistics/blog/Agile-Software-Lessons-Hot-Topic-Training-Forum
Thinking Critically about Cybersecurity and the AAF Critically about Cybersecurity and the AAF2020-02-18T17:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass8C0950F392414899A303D717346A2E11">As we continue to encourage the workforce to think critically and act innovatively, DAU recently collaborated with NavalX to deliver a two-hour learning event titled "<a href="">Think Critically: Cybersecurity and the Adaptive Acquisition Framework</a>." The well-attended live evening webinar not only saw over 100 participants, but has subsequently drawn over 7,700 views. The goal of the event was to inspire the workforce and give them the tools to think differently while focusing on the topic of cybersecurity risk with the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) as a backdrop – and it succeeded!<br> <br> According to event organizers, “the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) prompts us to think differently about the acquisition process. While there are different pathways to consider for an acquisition strategy, cybersecurity is an important consideration for all of them. The event provided four related angles on why and how we can think differently about cybersecurity risk. First, the Chief Cybersecurity Information Officer (OSD) discussed the launch of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and the importance of thinking critically in the ever changing cybersecurity environment. Second, the industry angle was provided by the renowned author of “How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk”, shared tried and tested quantitative approaches to measure and mitigate cyber risk differently. Third, the DoD workforce angle was provided by an active duty Naval officer who discussed the needs to think critically on the job. Finally the DAU Cybersecurity Learning Director shared insights into how DAU addresses cybersecurity risk within the AAF.”<br> <br> This recent February 5, 2020 event is also illustrative of the rapid transformation of our well-received <a href="/p/dau-webcasts">DAU Webcasts</a> as a real-time, high-impact learning platform. Intended to assist the defense acquisition workforce in thinking critically about and exploring key DoD and NDS topics such as innovation, agile, culture change, talent acquisition, retention, leadership, and multifunctional workforce excellence, there are many more such events coming your way!<br> <br> <em>Special thanks to Marina Theodotou from our DAU workflow learning team for her insights in crafting this DAU LOG Blog post.</em></div>string;#/training/career-development/logistics/blog/Thinking-Critically-about-Cybersecurity-and-the-AAF
Using the DAU Mobile App on Government Devices the DAU Mobile App on Government Devices2020-02-18T17:00:00Z Images/2019-04-05_17-21-10.png, Images/2019-04-05_17-21-10.png Images/2019-04-05_17-21-10.png<div class="ExternalClassBD4FF929509D4B5AA2BDD803F990C421"><p>Kudos to our DAU Workflow Learning Team for taking the next step in making DAU's Mobile App simple to <a href="">install on government-issued Android phones</a>, thanks to recently receiving approval through the DoD Application Vetting Environment (DAVE). Additionally, workforce members can also now <a href="">install it without pre-approval on Apple iOS government devices</a> as well.</p> <br> With the ability to directly install DAU's mobile app to both government-issued <a href="">Apple</a> and <a href="">Android</a> devices, encourage defense acquisition workforce members to take a minute to download the app today for quick and easy access to the wealth of online DAU resources, including automatic notifications of newly posted information. For any questions you might still have on installation with your government device, and to stay alert of other DAVE approvals, you can always check for current status at the <a href="">Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) mobility store</a>.<br> <br> There are, as you would expect, a wide-range of life cycle logistics and product support resources accessible from our DAU Mobile App. Those resources include LOG Blog posts, job support tools, training, ACQuipedia articles, guidebooks, videos, podcasts, magazines, ask-a-professor, a definitive glossary of acquisition terms, numerous communities of practice, and the list goes on. Encourage you to check them out!</div>string;#/training/career-development/logistics/blog/Using-DAU-Mobile-App-on-Government-Devices