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Acquisition Leadership: Playlists

Leaders working together


These curated videos come from the MOSAIC micro learning courses and are provided to help improve your skills and job performance. If you would like to receive Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) for watching the videos, you need to access them through one of the "Apply for this course" links below. For additional information on MOSAIC courses, click here

Building Trust - video playlist 
In work environments that are innovative and creative, where people engage in productive interaction, and have fun working together, there is generally a high degree of trust. When work is not getting done due to interpersonal conflict, office politics, or apathy, these problems can usually be traced to a breakdown in trust. A lack of trust also creates feelings of annoyance, fear, anger, frustration, resentment, or resignation. These videos describe trust, provide strategies in how to build and maintain strong trusting relationships with others, insight into how to repair trust when it is broken, and approaches for confronting someone you distrust.(Click here to Apply for this course.

Coaching - video playlist 
Coaching is an essential skill in your role as a Defense Acquisition leader. Fundamentally, the purpose of coaching is to help an individual improve their own performance. It’s about inviting people to build their own awareness, determine their own answers, and spark their own actions. While there are professional coaches, the coaching we are exploring in this course is what a leader should learn to do when interacting with colleagues, subordinates, and even those of higher rank. (Click here to Apply for this course.

Communication - video playlist 
Good communication is an important aspect of your professional life, your personal life, and everything else in between. These videos provide models and tools to help you communicate well, both verbally and in writing. We want you to develop an appreciation for why you should be able to communicate well and the importance of good communication skills to your role as a Defense Acquisition professional and developing leader. (Click here to Apply for this course.) 

Critical Concepts - video playlist
This mini-series on Critical Concepts introduces the critical thinking process and addresses five important areas: understanding critical thinking; gathering data; asking questions; forming conclusions; and looking for what others have missed in their critical thinking process. These videos are especially developed for those who are unfamiliar with the critical thinking process and those who will become acquisition decision-makers and leaders.

Five Dimensions of Leadership - video playlist 
When you think about the word "Leader," do you describe this person as the one who steps up and says, "I know what to do, follow me!" or, do you see leading as more multi-dimensional? The successful leader moves smoothly between multiple dimensions (The Leader In Front, From Behind, Beside, From Within, and Of the Whole) to meet the demands of any situation. These videos will help you move beyond the familiar “leader in charge” dimension to offer you ways to lead in five different dimensions. (Click here to Apply for this course.) 

Growing as an Acquisition Leader - video playlist 
This course provides an opportunity to explore the value in adopting an outcome orientation that allows you to create your own future rather than focusing on a problem orientation that frequently results in the perpetuation of dysfunctional behaviors. You will also learn how to make the shift from the Drama Triangle reactive roles of victim, persecutor and rescuer to The Empowerment Dynamic creative roles of creator, teacher/challenger, and coach. (Click here to Apply for this course.) 

Leadership Language - video playlist 
What a leader says, or doesn’t say, has a huge impact on empowering people to bring their best selves to work, improve their decision-making, and take greater ownership of their responsibilities. Poorly chosen language can discourage empowerment. This lesson helps you uncover the hidden power of language – how what you say and what you don’t say is important to your role as a Defense Acquisition leader. (Click here to Apply for this course) 

Leader's Intent - video playlist 
What’s the best way to change decision-making authorities on your team? Turns out it’s pretty easy once YOU commit to changing. This course focuses on how leaders transfer “control” of tasks over to their subordinates. (Click here to Apply for this course) 

Leading from the Inside Out - video playlist 
When you are working to become a better leader, it is important to identify your core values. Leadership values are important because they help you determine how you want to achieve your goals and what type of leader you want to be. One value to focus on in particular is empathy, a core component of emotional intelligence. Building your emotional intelligence skills will help you build genuine connections in your personal and professional life. (Click here to Apply for this course) 

Leading-Managing-Contributing - video playlist 
In your career thus far, you have probably been able to excel as an individual. You have been effective because you can single-handedly control outcomes by being self-reliant. You have been effective, so the need to make changes in order to break through to leadership may not be apparent to you. There does come a time, though, when you will outgrow your individual effectiveness, no matter how well it has served you in the past. In these videos, we will explore the three key roles leaders play – leader, manager, and contributor – and we will help you identify characteristics that you might want to work on developing so you can push yourself outside the comfort zone of “effective” and take on each of these roles. (Click here to Apply for this course.) 

Mastering the Strategic Moment - video playlist  
Two of the most valuable commodities of today’s leaders are time and attention. Both are hard to come by and competition for them is fierce. With an endless stream of meetings, plans and taskers, it may seem as if we have little control over what happens to us with regard to time and space. That’s the bad news; the good news is we can learn to manage our time and focus our attention in ways that open up space. Mastering the Strategic Moment provides tools to help leaders deliberately choose how and where they direct their attention and how to strategically manage their time so they can be fully present in each moment where their attention is needed. (Click here to Apply for this course.) 

Mindfulness - video playlist  
How do you keep your cool in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world? These videos discuss how to manage stressors associated with the VUCA environment in which we all live and work and how mindfulness can be used to scan for tension, release that tension, and replace it with relaxation. (Click here to Apply for this course.) 

Motivation - video playlist  
Why is it important to understand motivation? Being passive is not the default mode of operation for a human being. It is in our nature to move in the direction of something we desire and deem valuable. This course provides insight into where motivation comes from, why it changes, what increases and decreases it, and why some types of motivation are more beneficial than others. Finding ways to motivate the workforce is a crucial skill for the Defense Acquisition leader at all levels to master because it will help you change behavior, develop talent, and boost the creativity and innovation of your team or organization. (Click here to Apply for this course.

Professionalism - video playlist  
Defense acquisition professionals have a special body of knowledge and experience that is not easily acquired. These videos help you formulate a basic understanding of what it means to be a Defense Acquisition professional and how that applies to your role as a leader in Defense Acquisition. (Click here to Apply for this course.) 

Psychological Safety - video playlist 
People are holding back far too often – reluctant to say or ask something that might make them look stupid, incompetent, or disruptive. Because no Defense Acquisition leader can know everything about the work that is done to serve the needs of their stakeholders, it’s important for personnel at all levels to not be afraid to speak up, share information, contribute what they know, take risks, and work together. This course focuses on the phenomenon of psychological safety and how failing to address it in the workplace can mean the difference between success and failure for a team or organization. (Click here to Apply for this course.) 

Thinking About Thinking - video playlist 
When dealing with a problem or challenge, some people like to start with a problem statement; however, the catch with that is it presupposes we know what the problem is, and that there will be a specific solution. A different strategy would be to begin by asking, "What kind of thinking do I need to apply here?" This series of videos introduces you to a toolkit of 10 different ways to think about and resolve problems or challenges you may encounter in Defense Acquisition. 

VUCA Leadership - video playlist 
How do you lead in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous or VUCA world? These videos help you develop a basic understanding of VUCA and how to both live and lead in the VUCA world of Defense Acquisition. (Click here to Apply for this course.)