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Acquisition Leadership: Training

Leaders working together


Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to wait until you reach a particular grade or position to make positive contributions in the workplace or proactively influence peers. The DAU Leadership Center offers a variety of leadership learning and development opportunities, both in-person and online, to enhance your knowledge, skills, and abilities as an acquisition leader.

Acquisition Leader Development (ALD) Courses
DAU's ALD series (ALD 1100V-Growing as an Acquisition Leader, ALD 2100V-Leading Through Others, and ALD 3100 - Leading an Adaptive Organization) is a set of integrated courses aligned to learners' experience levels where DAU faculty deliver virtually or come to your organization to teach in a group setting of 12 or more learners. Our goal is to develop leaders who can drive their organizations to success in today’s dynamic and challenging acquisition environment.

Click on the links above to learn more about each course.  For information on scheduling ALD group training for your organization, contact:  [email protected]

Mosaic is a set of individual and self-paced short courses to build your leadership skills. These are the latest leadership learning and development offering from DAU's Leadership Center. The courses allow you, regardless of grade level or years of Defense Acquisition Workforce experience, to personalize your own acquisition leader development program. Tailor your program from some of the Leadership Center’s best lessons in the Acquisition Leader Development courses. All MOSAIC courses are delivered virtually to accommodate your schedule. Take any number of courses that interest you to receive CLPs.

Click on the link above to see the list of MOSAIC Courses. To learn more about MOSAIC, contact: [email protected]

ACQ 4110: Leading Strategically: How to Compete and Win the Long Game 
Playing the long game means taking steps now to set up long-term success. It means not sacrificing long-term gains for short-term wins. All of us in Defense Acquisition must play a long game to contribute to the strategic competition with China and other adversaries. This course builds the skills to lead strategically, providing what individuals need to know to adapt to disruption, lead change, and prepare for the future. You will focus on a workplace challenge in your organization.