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Acquisition Leadership: Webcasts

Leaders working together

Leading Acquisition Webcasts

The Leading Acquisition Series Webcasts - Delivered the first Wednesday of each month, will help you grow as an acquisition leader. DAU faculty share the latest thinking on what it means to lead, with practical defense acquisition examples and suggestions on how to apply what you learn at work.​ 

By attending these webcasts you can earn up to 1.5 CLPs per session. See FAQ's for details 

Scroll below to view recordings of prior webcasts, upcoming webcasts are located at the bottom of the list.

Leading Acquisition Webcasts:

Date of Event Title
05/01/2024 Human Systems Integration (HSI): A Leadership Tool to  Improve Acquisition Outcomes - During this event, you will learn how leaders can incorporate effective HSI into your program to better meet warfighter needs. 
04/03/2024 The Leader as Coach - We will help you build your awareness of and develop your leader-as-coach competencies.  We'll peek at the neuroscience behind coaching and learn how to strengthen the neural networks (ours and theirs) behind coaching. Finally, we will provide practical tools for integrating coaching into your daily interactions with others.
03/06/2024 Unleash Innovation to Drive Performance, Creativity, and Efficiency - Part 2 Unlock the infinite possibilities of innovation! This event features thought leader and acclaimed speaker, Frans Johansson. Learn how merging diverse fields, cultures, and disciplines can ignite an explosion of extraordinary ideas.
02/07/2024 Unleash Innovation to Drive Performance, Creativity, and Efficiency -This unique event will bring together scholars, senior leaders, and entrepreneurs for an open discussion on how we can improve innovation through diversity.
12/06/2023 Using Hope and Humility to Encourage Resiliency in Times of Change - This webinar will provide you with a better understanding of resiliency and ways you can lead with hope and humility to improve the resiliency of those around you.
11/01/2023 Agile Entrepreneurship - Turning Traditional Defense Acquisition on a Dime! - This webinar will provide you with a better understanding of why entrepreneurship can be the best response to the threat China and others pose to defense acquisition programs. 
10/04/2023 Growing Your Network - This webcast explores how to grow your network of co-workers to benefit you, your team, and your program or organization. 
08/02/2023 Leadership Lessons from Chinese Cyber Operations - This webcast provides a detailed information on the threat China poses to current and future Defense Acquisition programs, the implications for program success (or failure), and measures you can take to ensure the security of your program.
06/08/2023 Leader’s Intent: Unlocking the Power of Delegation - This webcast will focus on how leaders can transfer "control" of their traditional roles to others.  
05/03/2023 Innovation: Insights and techniques to help you make a difference! - Obtain insights into how and why innovation happens. You will learn how the innovation life cycle has impacted the Department of Defense, and you will learn techniques you can apply to encourage innovation in your organization.  
04/05/2023 Mining Organizational Wisdom by Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture - This webcast will provide you with insight into the value of knowledge sharing and describes steps you can take to build a Knowledge Sharing culture.
03/01/2023 Motivating Yourself and Others! - Attendees will gain a better understanding of how to use motivation in both their professional and personal lives to be more efficient and successful.
02/01/2023 Self Care for the Defense Acquisition Leader - This webinar will focus on how self-aware acquisition leaders can leverage self-care practices to reduce stress, address the feeling of being overwhelmed and even start to break the cycle of perfectionism.
12/06/2022 Making Sense Of A Chaotic World - If you feel challenged by the chaotic world we live in and want to learn more about how to cope, then this event is for you.
11/02/2022 Navigating the post-pandemic workplace and meeting the needs of a changing workforce - This presentation will discuss how the workplace and the workforce has changed recently and provide strategies to help attract and incentivize employees to stay or come back into the workforce.
10/05/2022 Optimizing Team Performance - This webinar will discuss the characteristics of high and low performing teams, highlight the influence of team dynamics on team performance, and provide some tools and techniques for creating high performance Teams.
08/03/2022 Ethical Decision-Making for Leaders - This presentation will focus on making ethical decisions. You will also learn a method acquisition professionals can use to make difficult choices when confronted with Right versus Right decisions otherwise known as ethical dilemmas.
06/01/2022 Leading With Humility - This event will help you make the connection between humility and why it is such an important virtue to cultivate for leaders at all levels.
05/04/2022 Leading Organizational Culture Change - Being Part of the Solution - This webcast will explore the role you can play in changing an organization's culture and will help you recognize you can be a positive role model and cultural carrier for the new "ways of doing things around here."
04/06/2022 Emotional Intelligence - How Your Emotions Affect You and Others - This webcast will present an overview of emotional intelligence (EI), explore the concept of EI, and provide tips on how today's acquisition professional can improve their EI.
03/02/2022 Using Empathy as a Leadership Superpower - During this webcast we will examine the difference between displaying sympathy and demonstrating empathy. Attendees will be introduced to specific tips and best practices they can use to show empathy in the workplace.
02/02/2022 Learn the Magic of Delegation and Empowerment - During this session, you will learn the basics of delegation and empowerment and how to apply them in our current Defense Acquisition environment.
12/01/2021 Becoming a Resilient Leader - Practical Advice on How to Be Resilient in the Face of Change.
11/03/2021 Overcoming Workplace Drama - During this event, we will provide strategies to help you recognize the roles YOU and your co-workers cling to that perpetuate drama in the workplace. We'll also discuss how to make drama go away by fundamentally changing the way we choose to interact with others.
10/06/2021 Building Trust - In this webcast, we'll look at aspects of trust that are critical to you as an individual or to the health of your team or organization. We'll also learn a language for having meaningful and sensitive discussions about trust.
09/01/2021 The Agile Mindset-Getting There One Step At A Time - This webcast explores how you, as a leader, might use some of "The Agile" concepts to help your team or organization increase their agility and take the first small steps towards an agile mindset.
08/04/2021 Mindfulness: Keeping Your Cool in a Stressed-Out World! - This webcast will discuss the value of and share a simple, meditative technique that will help you stay calm, clear, and connected, regardless of the circumstances.
07/15/2021 Take Charge! Leading the 21st Century Acquisition Workforce - This Webcast addresses Workforce Skills Planning and Mapping, Succession Planning, Performance Management, and Talent Management Strategies.
06/02/2021 The Leader as Coach - Boost your team’s daily performance through engagement and empowerment! - This Webcast builds your awareness of coaching and provides strategies and tools to help you develop your leader-as-coach competencies.
05/05/2021 Encouraging Psychological Safety: Strategies for creating conditions for learning, innovation, and growth - This webcast introduces you to the phenomenon of psychological safety, and how failing to address it can mean the difference between success and failure for your team or organization.
04/07/2021 Making Change Happen - This webcast offers tools and strategies to help you overcome challenges with change and avoid getting stuck when trying to shift patterns of belief and behavior.
03/03/2021 How to build collaboration and cooperation to get things done - This webcast discusses ways to think differently about collaborating with others to solve problems, drive innovation, and lead change.​
02/03/2021 How to focus your time and attention to be more productive - This webcast provides tools to help you deliberately choose how and where to direct your attention and how to strategically manage your time so you can better manage your workload.
12/02/2020 Growing Your Network - This webcast explores how to grow your network of co-workers to benefit you, your team, your program, or organization.​
11/04/2020 Leading in Permanent Whitewater - This webcast explores surviving and thriving in a turbulent, "permanent whitewater" world where old styles of leading fall short.​
10/07/2020 Five Ways to Lead! - This webcast looks beyond the familiar "leader in charge" to offer you ways to lead in multiple dimensions.
08/19/2020 Futures Thinking: A Way to Look Into Your Future and Act on It! - Futures thinking is about looking into your future as a way to reveal and plan for what to do about it.