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Specific Classroom (CLRM) or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

The courses below use direct registration through the DAU Virtual Campus.
Select this link to register for the courses that are currently available to you. 

•ACQ 1700V Agile for DoD Acquisition Team Members
•ACQ 230V International Acquisition Integration
•ACQ 265V Mission-Focused Services Acquisition
•ACQ 305V Services Acquisition Management Office
•ACQ 3700V Acquisition Law
•ACQ 380V International Acquisition Management
•CMA 241V Government Flight & Ground Representative (GFR/GGR)
•CON 1770V RED TEAM Negotiations
•CON 2420V Architect-Engineer Indirect Rates
•CON 2430V Architect-Engineer Contracting
•CON 2440V Construction Contracting
•CON 2450V Construction Modification Proposal Analysis
•CON 2880V Neg-OTA-tion 101
•CON 2990V OTA Simulation
•CON 7140V Advanced Cost Modeling
•CON 7200V Better Business Deals
•CON 7210V Better Business Deals - Focus on the Private Sector
•CON 7300V Price Analysis
•CON 7310V Cost Analysis
•CON 7400V Statistics
•CON 7410V Regression Analysis
•CON 7420V Learning Curve Analysis
•CON 8300V Joint Contingency Contracting Course
•CON 8400V Advanced Contingency Contracting Officer's Course
•COR 222V Contracting Officer’s Representative Course
•CYB 5630V Cyber Table Top
•CYB 5640 Cyber Training Range
•CYB 5640V Cyber Training Range
•EVM 263V Principles of Schedule Management
•FE 302V Advanced Facilities Engineering
•GRT 201V Grants and Agreements Management
•IND 105V Contract Property Fundamentals
•IND 205V Contract Government Property Management Systems and Auditing Concepts
•SBP 102V Introduction to Small Business Programs, Part B
•SBP 202V Intermediate Small Business Programs, Part B
•SBP 210V Subcontracting
•SBP 301V Small Business for Senior Leaders

*If there are no sessions available to you in a course, it will not be visible to you in the Virtual Campus.

Apply for Online Training & Register/Withdraw Specific Classroom (CLRM) or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) through the DAU Virtual Campus (CSOD)

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