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Building skills you can use today.

DAU's new Credentials program can provide responsive and timely learning experiences that you can self-select, to grow and deepen your skills. By offering learning in smaller, more job-specific credentials, we aim to help DoD evolve beyond today’s 3-level certification framework and more effectively meet the intent with the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA).

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DAU Credentials

What's currently available?

DAU has launched credentials focused on performance in the following areas. Browse the available catalogue to learn more or enroll in a credential below to get started on your journey.

Want to know more about the DAU Credentials Program?

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We want to hear from you!

We're actively engaging with our customers to collect input on which credentials DAU should offer. Whether you've already enrolled in one of our learning pathways, earned a DAU credential, or want to recommend a credential that DAU should offer, we want to hear from you!

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About the Credentials Program

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Why you should earn a DAU Credential.

Earning DAU credentials can provide you knowledge and skills to perform roles or functions in the DoD acquisition environment. They're intended to help you meet emerging needs for specific skills and performance in your workplace. Whether you manage capability requirements, acquire services or systems, or sustain capabilities, earning pertinent credentials can build your competence and confidence.

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Why is DAU offering credentials now?

Customer feedback -- you seek learning that is closer to the moment of need, and that offers more than knowledge. You want skills to enhance your job performance. DAU's credentialing program provides responsive and timely learning experiences you can self-select, to grow and deepen skills.

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What's different about a DAU Credential?

DAU's credentials will complement, not duplicate other credentialing programs. DAU's credentials will help you acquire skills specific to the DoD acquisition workplace. Some DAU credentials will integrate external commercial content providing a well-balanced set of knowledge and skills to the DoD acquisition workforce.

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Should I earn credentials?

Specialized credentials build skills when you start a job or as a job evolves. They influence your performance throughout your career. Credentials, coupled with other learning resources, will expand your professional skills and open new career paths. In the future, some acquisition jobs may even require selected credentials.

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How will I view my credentials?

Your DAU transcript will include your credentials. Credentials are also viewed in unofficial transcripts in the DAU Virtual Campus/Cornerstone on Demand. DAU is evaluating using the Open Badge Standard, to enable future credential portability.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about what the DAU Credentials Program has to offer?
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page in our Help Center to find out more!

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The Credentials program is expanding.
Check back frequently for new credentials and additional information on our program!

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