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  2. Specific Classroom (CLRM) or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Specific Classroom (CLRM) or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Specific Classroom (CLRM) or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

The courses below use direct registration through the DAU Virtual Campus.
Select this link to register for the courses that are currently available to you. 

  • ACQ 1700 Agile for DoD Acquisition Team Members 
  • ACQ 1700V Agile for DoD Acquisition Team Members 
  • ACQ 230 International Acquisition Integration
  • ACQ 265 Mission-Focused Services Acquisition 
  • ACQ 265V Mission-Focused Services Acquisition 
  • ACQ 305 Services Acquisition Management Office 
  • ACQ 305V Services Acquisition Management Office 
  • ACQ 380 International Acquisition Management
  • ACQ 3700V Acquisition Law
  • ALD 1100 Growing as an Acquisition Leader 
  • ALD 1100V Growing as an Acquisition Leader 
  • ALD 2100V Leading Through Others
  • ALD 3100 Leading an Adaptive Organization
  • BCE 2060V Applied Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
  • BCE 2300V Applied Software Cost Estimating 
  • BCE 3160V Updating the O&S Cost Estimate 
  • BFM 2710V Financial Management Principles for Military Construction 
  • BFM 2750V Industry Financial Business Acumen 
  • CMA 241 Government Flight & Ground Representative (GFR/GGR) 
  • CMA 241V Government Flight & Ground Representative (GFR/GGR) 
  • CMC 170 DCMA's Role in Pricing Commercial Acquisitions 
  • CMC 2001 DCMA Contract Administration 
  • CMC 231 Cost Monitoring 
  • CMC 2310V Cost Monitoring 
  • CMC 2320V Establishing Final Indirect Cost Rates 
  • CMC 233 Forward Pricing Rates 
  • CMC 234 Cost Accounting Standards Administration 
  • CMC 235 Selection and Use of Indices 
  • CME 202 Configuration Management System Review 
  • CME 204 Engineering Change Proposal Review 
  • CME 230 Production Planning and Control (PP&C) 
  • CME 250 SAM Policy and Procedures 
  • CME 260 SAM Policy Implementation 
  • CMI 130 Integrated Cost Proposal Evaluation 
  • CMI 2010V EVMS Compliance & Surveillance Review 
  • CMI 2100V  DCMA Supervisory Skills Development (DLEAD) 
  • CMI 2300V Technical Support to Negotiations 
  • CMQ 101 Government Contract Quality Assurance (GCQA) 
  • CMQ 211 Quality Management System (QMS) Auditor 
  • CMQ 212 Effective Control of Nonconforming Material (NCM)
  • CMQ 231 Data Collection and Analysis Application 
  • CMQ 242 GD&T/Measuring Techniques 
  • CON 1770V RED TEAM Negotiations
  • CON 2420V Architect-Engineer Indirect Rates
  • CON 2430V Architect-Engineer Contracting
  • CON 2440V Construction Contracting
  • CON 2450V Construction Modification Proposal Analysis
  • CON 2880V Neg-OTA-tion 101
  • CON 2990V OTA Simulation
  • CON 7030V Advanced Indirect Cost Analysis 
  • CON 7140V Advanced Cost Modeling
  • CON 7170V Analyzing Profit or Fee 
  • CON 7210V Better Business Deals - Focus on the Private Sector
  • CON 7220V CFO Crash Course for Contracting Professionals 
  • CON 7300V Price Analysis
  • CON 7310V Cost Analysis
  • CON 7400V Statistics
  • CON 7410V Regression Analysis
  • CON 7420V Learning Curve Analysis
  • CON 7810V Commercial Acquisition Capstone 
  • CON 8300V Joint Contingency Contracting Course
  • CON 8400V Advanced Contingency Contracting Officer's Course
  • COR 222 Contracting Officer’s Representative Course 
  • COR 222V Contracting Officer’s Representative Course
  • CYB 5630V Cyber Table Top
  • CYB 5640 Cyber Training Range
  • CYB 5640V Cyber Training Range
  • EVM 2100 Applied Integrated Program Management 
  • FE 302 Advanced Facilities Engineering 
  • FE 302V Advanced Facilities Engineering 
  • GRT 201V Grants and Agreements Management
  • IND 105V Contract Property Fundamentals
  • IND 205V Contract Government Property Management Systems and Auditing Concepts
  • SBP 102V Introduction to Small Business Programs, Part B
  • SBP 202V Intermediate Small Business Programs, Part B
  • SBP 2020V Intermediate Small Business Programs, Part B
  • SBP 210V Subcontracting
  • SBP 301V Small Business for Senior Leaders

If there are no sessions available to you in a course, it will not be visible to you in the Virtual Campus.

Apply for Online Training & Register/Withdraw Specific Classroom (CLRM) or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) through the DAU Virtual Campus (CSOD)